n3xB needs your Help!

n3xB is a project started as a naive idea based a very narrow set of domain and expertise. As such any help, any talent, any background, and any expertise can be a huge help to the project. Best of all, if you have a different idea, you are more than welcome to leverage the protocol and network in an inter-compatible manner to create your own unique vision! Here are some examples of what would be of significant help towards making n3xB a reality.

Protocol Experts

As in the name itself, n3xB is a naively constructed protocol. It can use a lot of input from experts and developers whom have had experience in crafting and developing against other existing protocols, so as to make n3xB less naive. If you have any comments, insights, or feedback, please reach out, create a discussion or open an issue on Github.

Finance Professionals

n3xB exists ultimately to facilitate the creation of a decentralized exchange and a globally distributed orderbook. Financial professional familiar with the nuances, counter-party dynamics, exploits, and game theoretic corner-cases encountered in any existing financial exchanges and transaction scenarios will be of great help in identifying potential issues and optimizations ahead of time. Please reach out on Nostr or Twitter if you have any feedback, comment or insights!


The initial plan is to create the first reference n3xB core library in Rust. This might change as the current available expertise in Rust is limited. As such Rust expertise, or any expertise in creating cross-platform mobile friendly libraries will immensely helpful. Existing native iOS experience is currently available, and as such that is the expected initial platform for the Proof of concept. Parallel development of clients for other platforms is also welcomed!

Technical Writer

n3xB is a protocol. As such clear documentations to enable inter-operable implementations is of utmost importance. Technical writer experienced in clear technical documentations and protocol specification will be of tremendous asset to the project. Please see Github for the current state of the protocol documentation and feel free to open a discussion or issue there as you see fit!

Marketing and Social Media

For all phases of the n3xB project, creating awareness will be vital to the velocity of the progress. From attracting contributors, to later, attracting users and liquidity, marketing and social media reach will be of great assistance. Please spread the words on n3xB! Any feedback, positive or negative, would be useful and constructive to the development of the project.


Design is often a forgotten aspect when it comes to Bitcoin solutions. Yet this is also one of the aspect more impactful to the regular every day users. From usability, aesthetics, user interfaces or ability to generate positive word-of-mouth, design is of great importance. At this point it might perhaps be premature to determine the potential interface of what a user client might need to look like for the final user facing application. However design elements and branding can contribute to the ability for the n3xB project to spread awareness and generate good will. Please reach out on Nostr or Twitter if you have any ideas or feedback regarding designs!