n3xB | naive nostr nym exchange for Bitcoin

A Nostr based orderbook protocol for exchanging between Bitcoin & fiat currencies

What is n3xB?

n3xB is a layer 2 open protocol built on-top of Nostr. It is designed to create a common standard for orders looking to exchange between Bitcoin and fiat currencies. Enabling a globally shared orderbook with deep liquidity as the basis of a network of interoperable decentralized exchange applications.

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Why n3xB and not...

centralized exchanges like Binance?

Bitcoin has remained a very trustless system for over a decade. Same cannot be said for the exchanges that trade Bitcoin for fiat currencies. Trust in centralized entities are still largely needed to exchange between Bitcoin and fiat. This trust have seen to be repeatedly broken either through negligence, malevolence or regulatory capture. The ramps to go into and off of Bitcoin needs to be as trustless as Bitcoin itself in order to realize the full potential of Bitcoin as a trustless replacement of the existing financial system.

Bisq, Robosat, Peach, Hodlhodl, etc?

These are all great projects trying to solve the exchange. However, they all have one or more of the following weaknesses:

  • Proprietary orderbook, order formats, leading to shallow liquidity pools
  • Poor user experiences, especially on mobile devices
  • Many still contains centralized points of failure, including temporary custodial trust

Protocol oriented approach

n3xB is different in that it is not yet another exchange software solution, but an open protocol for a globally shared orderbook. This enables developers to build different exchange experiences atop of a common liquidity pool. With Nostr as the architectural foundation, n3xB aims to enable mobile friendly user experiences without sacrificing decentralization and trustlessness properties that is essential to Bitcoin.

Ways to get started